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14+ Years of experience increasing Bank ROI and reducing merchant headaches and fees.

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First Payment Services: Proudly increasing Financial Institutions Revenue and Improving Customer Relationships for Over 14 Years.

For Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions try to do as much as possible for their community by providing maximum value for their customers. At First Payment, we understand that drive to provide value, so we partner with banks to provide them with the ability to give their customers insanely competitive rates with easy approval and quick set ups in an industry that too often over-promises while massively under-delivering.

Find out more about how FPS provides commercial loan customers value while adding revenue for all.

Entrepreneurs' Organization

EO is an organization built on ingenuity, excellence, and good old fashioned hard work. FPS partners with EO and provides unique benefits that specifically target the pain points of Entrepreneurs in EO, while offering some great annual perks for working with a fellow EO business. 

Are you ready to explore what First Payment can uniquely provide your company?

For Non-Profits

We are firmly committed to helping others, which is why we offer the insanely competitive rates for non-profits (the kind of rates very few companies enjoy). We aren’t trying to make a living off of companies that devote their lives to helping others. First Payment is dedicated to giving back, and we want to reward those with similar commitments.

Find out more about how FPS partners with nonprofits to put more money in your pocket and less in processor pockets.

For Business

Credit card processing for merchants shouldn’t be a headache. You should be able to easily switch processors and get started quickly. Hidden fees shouldn’t be masked behind technical jargon. PCI compliance shouldn’t be your biggest worry. Customer service should be taken seriously. And most of all, merchant card processing shouldn’t be expensive.

Find out more about how First Payment Services is changing the typical merchant experience.

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